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To show off all that hard work from training, paddlers can compete in the regattas.  Some regattas are for members belonging to a club recognized by the International Canoe Federation, and other regattas include the general public.  Listed below are regattas recognized by the ICF.

Local regattas in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley are held by clubs under Canoe Kayak BC (CKBC).  Ridge Canoe And Kayak Club (RCKC), holds two major regattas a year – the Slawko Fedechko Regatta in May and the Pacific Cup Regatta in September.  These two competitions invites clubs from other cities in BC, Alberta, Washington State, and elsewhere.  Other competitions may be held in Burnaby, Fort Langley, Pitt Meadows, and Harrison Hot Springs.

Provincial regattas, also under Canoe Kayak BC (CKBC) are held in different cities throughout the province.  Not only are they held in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley areas, they are held in Nanaimo, Kamloops, and Victoria.  The Pacific Division Nationals Qualifier is a championship to see who qualifies to compete nationally.  The BC Championships are for the athletes to compete against others in the province.  Not under Canoe Kayak BC, but under the entire province is the BC Summer Games (which is for young athletes in every sport including canoe and kayak competitions).

National regattas are usually held in the last week of August in a different city in Canada each year.  Sometimes the racing is done alongside Olympic champions.  The young athletes participate in the National Championships while the adults participate in CanMas (short for Canadian Masters).  The Canada Day Regatta, held every year in Regina, Saskatchewan, is a competition for athletes of Western Canada.

International regattas are for the few who are selected to race against other members of the International Canoe Federation (ICF).  The Junior World Championships is for the elite athletes in the Juniors age class held at a different city in the world each year.  There are several competitions for the Senior age class, which is a stepping stone to the Olympic team.  The ultimate regatta is the Olympics, held every four years.

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