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Joining A Club

No matter which paddling club you choose, joining a club has its advantages. You get to enjoy paddling once a week or more, throughout the year – even in the Winter. By doing it regularly, you reduce the risk of injury to your muscles. Not only that, you can build stamina, enough so you can take a sea kayaking (or whitewater kayaking or canoeing) tour lasting over an hour long.

When in a training class, you have a certified coach helping with your techniques. In order to have powerful and efficient strokes, you are taught how to use the other parts of your body besides your arms. The skills learned should improve your speed, strength, stamina, and balance, at whatever age you might be.

The younger the member, the better the balance. The sooner you have your child learn to paddle, the longer they will maintain good balance within their core. As you age as an adult, you will find that you will be making more of an effort to have that good balance. So, it is better to develop it early in life.

As for cost, if you were to buy your own kayak, it would cost you in the thousands. If you were to rent, it would cost you several hundred. But, if you were to become a member, it would cost only half as much as it is to go to a rental place when using the club’s equipment. That would include using the boats, paddles, and lifejackets. Depending on your club, you can also use the weight training equipment.

Best of all, being in a club is so much fun! Being in the outdoors, close to nature, surrounded by others who enjoy paddling, all of these can make your paddling experience great!

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