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About Canoeing

What Is Sprint Canoeing

Sprint canoeing is done on flat water using light and narrow canoes.  It is done with one knee in a kneeling position, and the other leg in front and bent.  Paddling is done on one side.   The paddling is done either on the left or on the right but never both.  To canoe requires balance and the ability to direct the canoe along a straight line.  It is performed with one person (C1) or a team of two (C2).

Type Of Boat

Flatwater racing boats tend to be lighter, narrower and longer than recreational boats. They are to conform to the International Canoe Federation rules when used in competition.

Sprint canoes are narrower and lighter than the wilderness canoe. Instead of sitting down on a seat, the athlete is kneeling down on one knee while they are paddling.  The maximum length of the canoe is 520cm (17′).


For canoeing, the paddle has a t-grip handle on one end and a blade on the other end.  Being made from carbon, it is lighter and stronger than a paddle used for wilderness trips.  The shaft is longer since the canoeist is at a kneeling position and tends to be higher up from the water.  The blade tends to be wide and flat.

For the most suitable paddle for yourself, ask your coach.

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